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         Neem Oil has been traditionally used in India for centuries and up until  
         now was relatively unknown within the western world - until today!     
         However, the uses for Neem Oil are now pretty endless and are widely  
         used as beauty products, for garden care on fruit trees, vegetable plants  
         and even as a highly effective organic pesticide & natural fungicide.  
           In Mediterranean Europe, Spain's palms have suffered a traumatic fate    pet friendly
         due to the infestation of the dreaded Red Palm Weevil & the Palm Moth.    
           Arriving on the Iberian coastline some years ago from Africa, these destructive      
           little bugs has left gardeners' pulling their hair out!   
         So how does our Neem Oil work?  
           It's not a 'quick knock down' product, the way this unique oil works is   palm friendly
         by tricking the Red Palm Weevil's hormone system into 'not functioning'.     
         Once the weevil or moth has eaten part of it's host [your treated palm tree] the  
         weevil will simply 'forget' to mate, therefore suppressing it's maturity     
         effecting it's on going life-cycle!  
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Paysandisia Archon also known as the Palm Moth 

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